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SS Gas Labs is the leading fumigation services providers to its clients. Our company is a specialist company, endeavored to solving your pest problems while meeting the environmental challenges. We strive to provide you with curative and preventive methods, using latest methods & technologies such as pesticide fumigation services to treat infestation problems, thereby making sure that there are no undesirable pests, no excessive residues, and no adverse ecological effects.

What is fumigation?
Fumigation means using a fumigant to control infestation in a particular place or commodity. A fumigant is a chemical which at a particular pressure and temperature transforms in a gaseous state in sufficient concentration to be fatal to a given pest organism.

Our process
We very well know that when Toxic substances are cause of many environmental problems inspite of the fact that it is these toxic substances which are used in the process of disinfestation of foods. Substances like Hydrogen Phosphide,Bromide, etc. also face the problem of residues seriously. Therefore, we have undertaken various researches to substitute such chemicals with natural residue-free and environment friendly disinfestation processes.

In our process of fumigation services, the initially packed agricultural product is put under pressurized CO2 atmosphere. The infestation is done on the optimum condition. Very few hours of cycle time is required for the product to be fumigated. There is no requirement of pre or post treatment . Products are exposed to gaseous CO2 to the required final pressure, time duration & temperature etc.

Our fumigation process is environmentally friendly disinfestation processes, eliminating all problems of the residues, and a much better process compared to other methods.

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