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Evaporators & Vaporizers

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Evaporators and Vaporizers are heat exchangers that transform liquefied gases to a warm gaseous product. The CO2 gas produced in our gas plants is usually stored in its liquid state in low pressure vessel and is evaporated to be used in various applications. Gas Lab Asia has made a mark in the market as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of evaporators and vaporizers which reduce costs for CO2 vaporization. We produce the following types of vaporizers:

Atmospheric Vaporizers
An atmospheric vaporizers is an instrument which vaporizes cryogenic liquids by using heat absorbed from the ambient air. In this atmospheric vaporizers, ambient air that is available at no cost is used. Compared to the electric vaporizers, there is considerable energy saving. Our atmospheric vaporizers are easily installed as it is supplied in one unit ready for use. Atmospheric vaporizers consists of a special heat exchanger with copper tubes and aluminum blades.

Air Cryogenic Vaporizers
Air cryogenic vaporizers are developed by our company. These air cryogenic vaporizers consists of two or more finned aluminum elements, manifold together around seamless stainless steel high pressure tube and mounted vertically. There are eight fins in each element. Our standard element height is around five sq. ft. of external heat exchanger. They provide high capacity performance and faster defrosting. There are no moving parts. There is no requirement of additional power or utilities. Our air cryogenic vaporizers are economical and maintenance free. They are highly efficient for vaporizing gases or fluids. Compared to other vaporizers air cryogenic vaporizers occupy less space and permits continuous operation without defrosting characteristic of convectional units.

Steam Heated Vaporizers
The steam heated vaporizers supplied by our company provides a very cost effective solution for vaporization of CO2. Our vaporizer has a twin tube heat exchanger, where liquid CO2 is in the center tube and steam is in the shell. It eliminates the use of expansive electrical energy, which is usually used on other types of evaporators. Here the sensible heat of steam is used to vaporise liquid CO2 and the condensate thus formed is automatically removed. There are shut off valves, safety valves reduction valves and filters with our vaporizers to ensure trouble free working of the equipment. Steam trap is also provided to economize on the consumption of the steam and make the removal of condensate automatic.

Electrical Vaporizers
In electrical vaporizers, air is blown into the set of finned tubes. The liquid CO2 is circulated for evaporation. We use two sets . When one gets forested when liquid CO2 starts evaporating, the other tube gets ready . Through this, change over takes place at regular interval. There is continuous stream of evaporated CO2 gas through this process.

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