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Together with liquid CO2 gas, SS Gas Lab Asia is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of dry ice plants & equipment. Dry ice is nothing but solid carbon dioxide. It is formed by letting down the pressure of liquid CO2, through a nozzle or other bottleneck. An amount of the liquid CO2, passing through the nozzle, vaporizes and sub cools the remaining fluid. Hence, it is born-again into snow like particles which is known as "Dry Ice".

Dry Ice Equipment has a wide range of application which are as follows :
  • With the help of Dry Ice, heat sensitive chemical reactions are carried out
  • Hardening of blades etc. is done with dry ice
  • Shrink fitting is done with the use of dry ice for closer tolerances
  • Decreased downtime through cleaning in-place
  • Elimination of equipment damage
  • Faster and more thorough cleaning
  • For food preservation and transportation, it lowers the temperature and the dry ice evaporates
  • Low temperature / cryo grinding etc.
Process for Making Dry Ice:

Types & Plant Sizes
We make use of different types of dry ice machines for different applications. We can supply dry ice machines, dry ice plant in two varieties:
  • Cylindrical blocks
  • Rectangular blocks
Generally block size is 5" dia x 12" length. These blocks weigh around 7-8 kg. The Dry Ice Plant sizes ranges from 45 kg/hr to 300 kg/hr. Dry ice machines making small size nuggets of 1.0" - 1.5" are also available.

Dry Ice Machines & Storage
We go for custom orders as well, irrespective of the sizes. For very small requirements of our clients, our company offers a small inexpensive gadget which can make dry ice from a CO2 cylinder. By using this, dry ice snow can be manufactured at the rate of 5-10 kg/hr. However the drawback in such cases is that the "block" is not firm and compared to dry ice obtained from regular CO2 plants, efficiency is less as. Dry ice equipment is ideal if requirement is small and occasional.

We also supply machines to our clients
  • To cut blocks
  • To put dry ice on continuous conveyor belts of food/medicine
  • To fill CO2/dry ice in medicine/chemical/food packages
  • Special freezer for temperature below -45°C is also available
Our company also make FRP-Polyurethane insulated boxes and canvas bags with polyurethane sheets. These are used for storage of dry ice. Having excellent insulation properties, these storages keep the dry ice for longer time with minimum evaporation losses.

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