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S.S. Gas Lab Asia besides producing CO2 gas plants is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of accessories which is essential in CO2 production. One such product is cooling towers. Our industrial cooling towers are made of good quality fiberglass. The metallic parts of SSGLA fiberglass cooling tower are entirely startled/ epoxy coated/ powder coated. These industrial cooling towers are formulated from strengthened fiber glass and reinforced plastic casting.

Salient Features
  • Air Intake: The design of our cooling towers (bottle type) is extremely repellent to strong winds and takes in air from all directions. Thus, it provides greater flexibility in the choice of site as it can be established regardless of the persisting wind focus

  • Fan: The axial fan is designed to ensure minimum operational noise, operating costs and negligible power consumption. It is completely devoid of all problems happening due to belt & gear drives

  • Drift Eliminator: Multi blade rotary drift eliminator is especially constructed to cut down the carry over losses. Due to the drift eliminator, the drift casualty is never beyond 0.3% to 5%

  • Water Basin: The configured F.R.P water collection sink is leak proof and avoids spillage in our towers

  • Multiple Arm Rotary Sprinkler: Water distribution becomes highly efficient & opening blockages are not easily settled

  • Contact Area & Heat Transfer: Honey comb fills allow for more contact area by stopping air & water into several sections uniformly

  • Easy Plumbing: We provide our cooling towers with ready connections

  • Fungus Free: Our towers are free from fungus as there where no wood used.

  • Light & Compact: Our tower are designed efficiently which allows it to engage less operational space. Floor area is about 0.5 sq. ft per ton & it weights 15 to 20 kg / RT

  • Long Life: The life span of our cooling towers is three to four times more as compared to ordinary towers

Advantages of SSGLA cooling towers are specified below:
  • Uniform air distribution
  • Optimum heat dissipation
  • Minimum maintenance required and they have 500% more life than conventional towers
  • Ready assembly, dis-assembly and direct access to internal parts
  • Leak proof F.R.P resin
  • Low make-up volume reduces the water requirement & related costs
  • Highly resistant against strong winds, sudden and serve vibrations
  • Light weight, rust free parts developed from synthetic material

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